ULTIMATE GUIDE: How To Book The Perfect Wedding Musician

Wedding musicians and bands come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. With so many different types of musicians out there, how do you know which will suit your wedding the best? Your big day will be unique and you’ll need to find a wedding musician or band which will be able to match your theme otherwise it just won’t feel right.

This guide will help you to find the perfect wedding musician or band for your big day. Not only that, you’ll also discover various ways to save money whilst still getting the very best musician or band.  Not only will you find a brief description of each point, you’ll also find step by step instructions for the most important points.

How To Book The Perfect Wedding Musician

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How To Book Your Wedding Musician/Band

This list contains over 20 top tips straight from an active wedding musician who is currently working on the UK wedding circuit.  What you’re looking at are insider tips from an industry professional.  Take your time to read through them all before going on the search for your perfect wedding musician or band!

1. Go direct to save money

This one seems obvious but do you know the best ways to find wedding musicians and bands directly?  Going direct to the musician you want to book will allow you to get the very best price. Agencies, fixers and even some venue’s recommended supplier lists add on a commission for putting you in touch with the musician or band. If you can find a great sounding wedding musician directly, you’re guaranteed to save money.

So how do you find great wedding musicians without the help of agencies and recommended supplier lists?

Method 1

Use ‘direct directories’ to find a list of wedding musicians. These are directories that musicians themselves usually pay to be listed on. They do this because it puts their contact details in front of you (the client) without having to go through commission taking agencies. So how do you find these so called ‘direct directories’? It can be tricky to tell them apart from agencies, however luckily for you I’ve already done the hard work for you. Check out the following list of musician directories which will put you in touch with the musician you want to book without any middlemen (or middlewomen!).

How To Find Wedding Musician or Band

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How To Find More Wedding Supplier Directories