Video: Wonderful Tonight

I recently recorded several videos at Iscoyd Park, a spectacular countryside venue on the Welsh/Shropshire border.  I decided to focus on recording examples from my Pop and Rock repertoire.  Out of all of my sets, (Classical, Spanish, Jazz + Pop/Rock).  This set remains my most regularly requested for weddings.  I think the fact that it contains songs most people will know make it more appealing.  Added to that, the stripped back arrangements with no vocals, played on an instrument as beautiful as the classical guitar make it perfect for weddings.

Wonderful Tonight

The first video in my new series of Iscoyd Park recordings is Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton.  I arranged this song a few years ago and it has remained one of the stand out pieces in my Pop/Rock set.  Wonderful Tonight is one of those songs that lends itself perfectly to a modern ceremony.  It’s a very classy pop song with a beautiful feel throughout and an iconic riff to top it off.

When arranging a guitar driven song for classical guitar, I find it’s important to separate the guitar elements from the vocal melody.  Without making a clear distinction between the instrumental melody and vocal melody, the arrangement can sound a bit bland and the key parts of the song can get lost.  I’ve kept the lead guitar melody in the original register and added some harmonics to bring texture to the harmony.  I’ve arranged the vocal melody in a lower register on the guitar to separate the guitar and voice parts.  This is an enjoyable piece to play and I’m happy with how this finger style arrangement turned out.

If you would like to play my arrangement of Wonderful Tonight, the notation and guitar TAB is available to purchase from this website.

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