Classical Guitar Academy

I’m really excited to announce the imminent launch of The Classical Guitar Academy. The CGA will be providing guitar lessons in Derby from this Summer.

Classical Guitar AcademyWe will be offering private classical guitar lessons to people of all ages and abilities. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete beginner or an aspiring professional musician. Everybody is welcome to learn at the Classical Guitar Academy!

In addition to providing classical guitar lessons in Derby, we will also be running events throughout the year to supplement our lessons. These will include workshops, master classes, concerts and various other events.

This is a very exciting venture for me, as I’ve always wanted to run my own classical guitar school. I’ve previously run a private guitar school catering to guitarists from all disciplines including acoustic, classical and electric. Whilst this was a lot of fun and offered great opportunities to our students, I wasn’t able to include all guitar disciplines at every event. I had to run separate events for acoustic, classical and electric guitarists. This meant students had less events specific to their discipline which they could attend.

The CGA will be dedicated purely to the classical guitar, which means all of our workshops, master classes, concerts and events will be focused solely on this instrument. I’m planning to host a number of events throughout the year with the aim of providing the most comprehensive classical guitar tuition in Derby.

This fantastic service will not be limited to music college students and there are no auditions to gain entry to the Classical Guitar Academy. We will be offering these opportunities to everyone who takes classical guitar lessons with the CGA.

All guitar lessons will take place at The Voicebox in Derby on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Book a free trial lesson today!