Video: Here Comes The Sun

Here is the video for Here Comes The Sun, taken from a series of videos I shot at Iscoyd Park in August.  I’ve been playing this one for a while now and it’s always a popular choice for use in the wedding ceremony.  It is usually chosen as an exit song, as it’s got an upbeat and joyful feeling without being too fast.  Unfortunately I’ve forgotten who the arranger is!  But it’s not one of my own so I’ll endeavour to dig the book out and give credit once I’ve found out who arranged it.

Here Comes The Sun

Although this piece works well for the exit from the ceremony, it’s also great for any point during the wedding day and indeed other events too.  Everyone knows who The Beatles are and most people will know at least a few of their tunes.  I often get people singing or humming along with this one when I play it at weddings.  If I get a good response I sometimes throw in a couple of other Beatles tunes like Here, There and Everywhere, Yesterday and Let It Be.

Here Comes The Sun is also great fun to play when it rains at a wedding.  Not that it ever rains on anyone’s wedding day of course…