How To Find The Best Wedding Musician

How To Find The Best Wedding Musician This guide will tell you everything you need to know about finding the best wedding musician for your big day. So what makes a good wedding musician? How do you know whether the musician you’re considering for your special day is actually any good? Is it safe to go by the audio tracks on their website or do you need more proof of their ability before you book them? Like any service provider or consumer goods, the standard and ability of each wedding musician is very different so it’s worth doing your homework before you [...]

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Repertoire: Spanish Set

Next up in the series is my Spanish set. This is a collection of Spanish music spanning a number of centuries. It incorporates pieces of music from the classical period in Spain to the Flamenco style through to Catalan folk songs. Spanish music is full of passion and ranges from the heart breakingly beautiful to fiery and ferocious. There are some significant differences between the different styles of Spanish music. Pieces from the Spanish classical period are not too dissimilar to the pieces from my regular classical setlist. The key difference is that the pieces in my Spanish [...]

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Wentbridge House Hotel | Yorkshire

The majority of wedding gigs go off without a hitch.  Today was not one of them.  So what possible cataclysmic turn of events occurred today which caused me such consternation? I broke a nail. For classical guitarists, the shape and condition of the nails on the right hand play a crucial part in the production of good tone.  Classical guitarists who have been playing for any length of time will have tried and tested countless different nail shapes in a bid to establish their exact preference.  Each guitarist has their own particular playing style, much in the same way we [...]

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Hilltop Country House | Cheshire

This was the first of two performances I’ve been booked for in Cheshire this week.  Yesterday I played classical guitar at Louise and Adam’s wedding ceremony at the Hilltop Country House in the Macclesfield area of Cheshire.  The venue is a lovely well kept country house, hidden away out of sight of the main roads.  I was met at the venue by Martin, who I believe runs the Hilltop Country House and also doubles as the wedding photographer.  I enjoy working with family run businesses as their passion for their work really comes across.  We had a quick informal chat before the [...]

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