Looking for a classical guitarist for your wedding at Billesley Manor in Warwickshire? Ed Peczek has performed here. Read the blog post below to find out what it was like.

Billesley Manor Hotel | Warwickshire

Billesley Manor in Warwickshire | 24th May 2015 This was the second time I’d been booked to play guitar at a wedding at Billesley Manor Hotel in Warwickshire. The first time was in 2013. You can read about it here. I must admit that it didn’t look great in the morning. The clouds were heavy and it was spitting with rain from the moment I woke up. This continued as I was loading the car and I could only hope that it would brighten up as I headed to Warwickshire. Fortunately luck was on our side. As I arrived [...]

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Billesley Manor | Warwickshire

A grand manor house venue for the most intimate wedding I’ve ever played at.  Today was a real treat as I was invited to play guitar at a small wedding ceremony at Billesley Manor.  There were only 5 members of the wedding party; this included the bride and groom, two close friends plus their witness/photographer.  Being such a small wedding ceremony the atmosphere felt delicately poised; a mixture of anticipation and excitement filled the air, which I attempted to ease by playing Mozart’s ‘Andante in E’ and ‘Birds Flew Over The Spire’, along with some other relaxing pieces from my [...]

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