The Upper House | Staffordshire

The Upper House in Staffordshire - 10th April 2015 The Upper House in Staffordshire is a lovely rural Victorian hotel and wedding venue. The added bonus is that it’s just a short drive from where I live. As much as I enjoy travelling to unknown venues and seeing something different, it’s certainly nice when I take a wedding guitarist booking at a Staffordshire venue.  I must admit that I didn’t realize quite how local The Upper House is for me.  It turns out that The Upper House is set in the same 10 acres of woodland in which I go walking at [...]

How To Find The Best Wedding Musician

How To Find The Best Wedding Musician This guide will tell you everything you need to know about finding the best wedding musician for your big day. So what makes a good wedding musician? How do you know whether the musician you’re considering for your special day is actually any good? Is it safe to go by the audio tracks on their website or do you need more proof of their ability before you book them? Like any service provider or consumer goods, the standard and ability of each wedding musician is very different so it’s worth doing your homework before you [...]

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Cost of Wedding Music: How To Make Your Budget Go Further

Cost of Wedding Music: How To Make Your Budget Go Further How much does wedding music cost? If you’re in the process of budgeting for your upcoming wedding it might help to know exactly how much the average couple in the UK spends on wedding music. What percentage of their overall budget goes towards the cost of booking a musician? I also want to go a step further and look at ways you can use your designated entertainment fund wisely to get the most for your money without compromising on quality. There are a few insider secrets, which will help your [...]

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