Ed Peczek is a wedding musician based in the UK. He performs as a classical guitarist for the wedding ceremony, drinks reception and wedding breakfast.

How To Find The Best Wedding Musician

How To Find The Best Wedding Musician This guide will tell you everything you need to know about finding the best wedding musician for your big day. So what makes a good wedding musician? How do you know whether the musician you’re considering for your special day is actually any good? Is it safe to go by the audio tracks on their website or do you need more proof of their ability before you book them? Like any service provider or consumer goods, the standard and ability of each wedding musician is very different so it’s worth doing your homework before you [...]

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Do You Need A Professional Wedding Musician?

Do You Really Need A Professional Wedding Musician? Weddings are expensive and because of this you’ll be looking for as many ways as possible to save money. Everybody tends to know one or two musicians. It could be somebody in the family who sings or perhaps a mate who plays a bit of guitar. You’ve seen them play and you like what they do, so why not ask them to perform instead of a professional wedding musician? It’s a valid question and one that is definitely worth considering. If you decide that asking a friend to play instead of a professional [...]

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The Wedding Gig

If you’re interested in making a booking a wedding guitarist, you might be curious about exactly what goes into making your day a success. There’s a lot more to it than simply turning up and playing a few pieces of music. Here’s a little insight into the working life of a wedding musician. Consultation and Booking The initial consultation is what follows after you’ve submitted a quote request or sent me an email. I’ll get in touch to confirm the quote and discuss the details or your wedding. If you’d like to go ahead and make a booking then I [...]

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