Owning and running a restaurant is tough, but there are some good ways to get ahead of the game and provide an outstanding dining experience for your customers.  Booking a live musician to play at your restaurant is a great way to boost both your profits and your reputation.


Guitarist for restaurantThere’s no denying that live music draws in customers like a moth to a flame. When people go out to dine it’s not just a meal they’re looking for, it’s an experience. Let’s use an example of young Johnny Appleseed who’s just bucked up the courage to ask out the girl who works behind the bar at his local. If he’s got any sense he’s not going to blow his only chance with her by taking her out to a generic restaurant for a 2 for 1. He’ll seek out the most romantic restaurant he can find and try to sweep her off her feet. He’ll trawl through reviews on Tripadvisor (more on this later) trying to find a unique place to take her for an experience she’ll never forget. Live music at a restaurant is guaranteed to turn dining out into a memorable experience. Plus it gives our two lovebirds something to talk about when conversation runs dry on that first date. Live music not only draws in the young couples though, it also attracts anyone who would prefer to experience something different to the norm; in other words, practically everyone. I remember playing in a Spanish restaurant near Blackpool about a year ago. I was playing on a Sunday night, which is typically a quiet affair at this particular restaurant (so I was told). They advertised the night with a simple A3 poster in the window of their restaurant and come Sunday they were fully booked and turning people away! Everybody had a great night and I went home with a pocketful of tips, which proves just how much people really appreciate hearing live music in a restaurant.

The best part is that once people find something they like, they seek it out over and over again. Just think of adrenaline junkies, chocoholics or even Facebook addicts (yes, I’m talking about you!). If a customer had a great time dining at a particular restaurant thanks to the addition of live music, it’s very likely that they will want to do it again soon. They will invite their friends and family to join them in the experience and boast about this great little restaurant they know.


Live music is also great for building a restaurant’s reputation in the local community. It provides people with an additional talking point about they’re experience. It’s much easier to start a conversation when you have lots to say, rather than just one thing. Consider the following:

“I went to this restaurant last night and the lamb was to die for.”

“I went to this restaurant last night and the lamb was to die for. They also had this guitarist who was playing all my favourite songs. It was such a good night.”

It gives people another reason to talk about the restaurant and it gives people another reason to visit. In addition to this it also gives them more of a reason to leave a good review. In the service industry we live and die by our reviews and testimonials. If we get good reviews it boosts our reputation and results in more work for us. If we were to get bad reviews or no reviews at all, we lose out on customers. If a customer has had a great night at a restaurant due to every aspect of their evening being exemplary, they are more inclined to leave a review on Tripadvisor or another review site. The live music aspect gives them something else to write about besides the food and the table service.