Ed Peczek is a classical guitarist based in the UK. He is available for weddings and events throughout the country.

Classical Wedding Guitarist

CLASSICAL WEDDING GUITARIST “You’re a classical wedding guitarist? What’s that then?!” There are so many different types of wedding musicians out there, it’s sometimes unclear what each of them do. My goal with this article is to identify the role of the Classical Wedding Guitarist. What Is A Classical Wedding Guitarist? You might think that classical guitarists only play classical music. Whilst there is some truth in this, it’s not the whole story. Classical guitarists do play music from this period, however they have also developed to incorporate other styles too. Most classical [...]

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Classical Guitarist for the Wedding Ceremony

Why Choose A Classical Guitarist for the Wedding Ceremony? If you’re thinking of having live music at your wedding, you might want to consider choosing a classical guitarist for the wedding ceremony. There are a number of reasons why a classical guitarist may be a better choice than more traditional options such as a string quartet. One of the main benefits of booking a classical guitarist for the ceremony is the price, however the benefits don’t stop there. Read on to find out more… PRICE The first reason why you might want to book a classical guitarist for [...]

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