Haughton Hall in Shropshire | 15th May 2015

Today I played guitar at a wedding ceremony at Haughton Hall in Shropshire.  This is my first Shropshire wedding of the year and I’ve had to wait until May!  Although I did get to visit Soulton Hall in Shropshire last month to shoot a series of videos.  But it wasn’t a wedding and so it doesn’t make the blog… yet, more on that to come.

This lovely venue is nearly 300 years old (dating from 1718) however you would never guess from the décor. It has a clean and contemporary vibe in the bar area and boasts well equipped leisure facilities in a separate building within the grounds.  Despite being a fairly local venue, this is first time I’ve ever played at Haughton Hall in Shropshire. Compared to last week’s wedding, today was short but sweet as I was booked to play guitar for the ceremony only.
Haughton Hall
Haughton Hall Wedding Ceremony
It’s been another scorching day today so it was no surprise to discover the wedding was to take place outside. What was surprising was the way the chairs were set up for the ceremony. There was no central aisle. Instead the chairs were positioned in a semi circle facing the gazebo in the garden. The aisle ran in front of the chairs. It was almost like a catwalk rather than a traditional ceremony.

The bride had requested that I play Prelude in D and Cavatina prior to the ceremony to set the mood. I matched this with some other pieces of music which I knew would go well together to form the prelude music.

For the processional the bride chose ‘A Thousand Years’ (Christina Perri). This song is still going strong as one of the most requested songs of 2015. It was also a firm favourite last year too.

For the signing of the register the bride chose 3 songs from my pop/rock set; ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ (Stevie Wonder), ‘And I Love Her’ (The Beatles) and ‘All of Me’ (John Legend).

The couple were quite possible fans of The Beatles as they chose ‘Here Comes The Sun’ for the recessional.

I had a great time playing guitar at Haughton Hall in Shropshire today. I hope I’ll be able to visit again soon.

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